Mycliks.com is the brainchild of Danial MA the founder of VRDT Holdings Inc. A united states company with a Malaysian subsidiary.

VRDT founded with a core intention to capitalize the technology sectors by acquisition, merger and development.Its vision is to empower the technology sector by sending digital's to rural community and empower women through technology platform.

VRDT's core business is Online Marketplace &Academy. Through our academy, we strive to offer our sellersand students with extensive knowledge about business, Online Marketing, Internet, management and etc. The core idea of the academy is to shape our seller's & rural entrepreneur’sand student’s mindset and lifestyle to become successful entrepreneurs to match the international business standard.

VRDT’s beliefs core values are the mechanism that eventually will lead to the success of our vision and mission. Our values are Integrity, Enthusiasm, Accountability, Teamwork, and Compassion.

For more about VRDT, please visit www.vrdtholdings.com

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