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In this terms of use, all the ‘we’ and ‘our ‘refer to us mycliks.com and all those ‘you’, ‘your’ and entity refer to any user enter to our website for viewing or browsing and purchase and selling purpose.

Mycliks.com welcome you (users) to our platform with the purpose of sell, buy and view our product by complying our Terms of Use. www.mycliks.com allows you (user’s) to upload product image’s, discover, download and explore other educational resources without violating our terms and condition.


Terms of Use of www.mycliks .com set to be a digital agreement between you (users) and mycliks.com begin or activated simultaneously with your browsing of www.mycliks.com either as a viewer, buyer, seller or representative of an organization for exploring purpose. You (users) agree to bind by mycliks.com policies and terms at any point accessing pages and if you (user’s) are accessing on behalf of your organizations, your entity will be automatically bound by this digital agreement

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