Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner Comedone extractor Pimple Remover Tools Face Skin Care Blackhead Vacuum Comedo Suction


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Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner Comedone extractor Pimple Remover Tools Face Skin Care  Blackhead Vacuum Comedo Suction 



Input voltage:5V

Rated power: 2W

Suction pressure: 30-60KPA

Input current: 0.1A

Battery capacity: 700MA

Charging time: 3 hours





  1.       FDA certificated comedo suction device

2.       Negative pressure rotary suction

3.       6 power levels

4.       4 suction tips are available

5.       Rechargeable by induction charging base, easier and more convenient.

6.       LED display: Amount of electricity and levels of suction intensity.


Product Structures




1.Remove Blackhead, deeply clean face.

2.For acne, pimple skin treatment.

3.Treatment for the dry skin.

4.Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin Rejuvenation.

5.Treatment for the stain and dull skin, reduce skin hyperpigmentation.


1. Microcrystalline hole tip

Gentle and no hurts to skin, effectively remove dead cells, purify the skin, and make skin more tender and smooth.

Large round hole tip

2. Large round hole tip

Strong suction, available for face, “T”area, back etc.

The suction is the biggest among the 4 tips; it’s used to remove the black spots and acne on face and body. When sucking, it should be slowly moved on the skin, PLEASE DON’T stay the same area or skin will be sucked into red or purple


3. Small round hole tip

For the small treated areas where hard for the large round hole tip works, like nose tip, nose sides and lip corners

Oval hole tip

4. Oval hole tip

Gently and short suck on treated areas, used for lifting skin and activating skin. Effectively remove skin aging keratin, brighten skin tone and smooth skin.

Why do Blackheads appear?


Stage1 Excess sebum production

Hormonal imbalance causes excess sebum production


Stage2 Blocked pores

Sebum promotes the accumulation of dead skin cells and impurities, thus blocking pores


Stage3 Enlarge pores

Pore blockage results in enlarged pores


Stage4 Sebum oxidation

The exposed sebum oxidizes in the air and turns black, resulting in blackheads.

How to use?



1. Don’t pull skin up when sucking skin or skin will turn red;

2. Move the suction tip along the skin slowly;

3. When change the treated area, please let the side of sucking tip leaving skin to release the pressure first, don’t pull the whole sucking tip away directly.


Package Including:

1 x Beauty Machine

1 x Diamond Head

1 x Big Hole Head

1 x Small Hole head

1 x Oval Hole Head

1 x Charging Base

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual



1. Q: How often can I use this comedo suction machine?

A: For dry skin, once a week; for oily skin and mixed skin, twice a week, if the situation is serious, can be 3 times a week.

2. Q:Can I use this comedo suction machine?

A: Generally, it’s suitable for adults who have the blackheads problem, but it’s not suitable for cosmetic surgery areas, like nose augmentation and other cosmetic skin surgery areas. Neither suitable for pregnant women, children and people who have heart disease. And, not recommended to use on injured or scarred skin.

3. Q: Why I cannot suck out the blackheads?

A: Should open pores before using the comedo suction machine; suggest using facial steamer or hot towel to open the pores, and use blackheads extract makes black floating out.