Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describe, how we protect information provided by seller, buyer and visitor. Its applies for both mobile application and webpage in any pages and all transaction involve within all over the globe.

Personal data privacy policy

This privacy policy declare the rights of user (buyer, seller and viewer) by providing your personal data in our webpage while accessing our website , you acknowledge that have read and understand our policies and allow us to process your personal data according to Personal Data Processing Act .

We urge you to provide valid email ID and contact detail, personal particular and valid account detail for us to process and preserve your detail in order to provide convenience during your next visit to our webpage such as modify your personal information , purchase in our platform , participate with buyer contest and complaints and feedback column .

As a user, you have to make sure the provided information is valid, up to date and provide us the ability to communicate with you when needed.

We will provide you the accessibility to change and update your personal data by signing in to your personal account in

We shall apply third party applications and data collection tools in our webpage and mobile applications, to track your shopping bucket, wish list, frequently purchased product, favourite product or favourite seller and your shopping trend.

We will ensure all the collected information will not disclose to any third party for their (third party entity) marketing purpose instead we will utilize the detail for our internal analysis, fraudulent investigation, marketing campaign and other internal process by complying legal obligation.

Collection of information


(1) Personal identification, name, national ID, resident address (for logistic purpose), contact number and email ID

(2) Banking information such as, buyer bank name, buyer payment transaction number, buyer bank account number and seller bank name and account number.

(3) Mailing information, postal code, mailing address for product delivery service and pickup service, order tracking number tax id and other important product code.

(4) We will collect any additional detail related to your account, product, purchased item and any changes of your personal data such as, mailing address upgrading and contact detail changes.

(5) Network connection information regards to your browsing history in our webpage, IP addresses and page viewed traffic will be recorded for service development process.

(6) Any Third-party information provided on behalf of the original individual must prior to their (original individual) consent .Failing to obtain consent will be treated as fake and fraudulence of information , which will lead to legal action and termination of your user account with

Information Retention and Development

(1) We might contacting you through the contact detail provided by yourself for customer relation purpose. Customer service related to feedback of services and product, refund queries, seller and buyer agreement verification’s, account verification, shipping and postage process and for payment transaction process.

(2) Our client support team might contacting you via email, telephone calls, mailing system and messaging via our mobile application.

Consumer Rights in Privacy Policy

(1) As consumer, you reserve full rights to request and write to us to limit the process and usage of your personal data. Personal data usage for marketing purpose such as promotion emails, hot deal updates and any material related to our product and promotions.

(2) A proper email should be sent by addressing your issues and request to our customer support and inform us on your withdrawal for the consent given previously. However the withdraw of consent will lead to apply legal clauses and also base on your withdrawal stages to determine your continuation service with us.

Personal Data security

(1) Various security method are implemented to secure and protect your personal data within our system.

(2) We are obligated to protect and maintain our data storing system to avoid any malware attack or data hacking viruses, in addition all the data processing associate within our organization are obligated to respect the privacy content of your personal data .

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