Mycliks has been designed with several benefits for every registered sellers and buyers. Mycliks is provide the platform for an individual to exchange the cross boarder culture via handmade/handcraft industry by penetrating the global market. Mycliks ensure every member within our platform should entitle for all the listed benefits according to their needs and wants.

As a registered SELLER:

No registration fee.

Free marketing and advertising service

Free logistic support via our logistic partner

Warehouse service (secures & centralizes Hub)

International Events & EXPO (establish your creativity to global market)

Global market penetration

User friendly platform and 24/7 support service

As a paid member of Mycliks, sell shall enjoy additional benefits as:

      1.    Accounting & Auditing service with minimum charges

      2.    Entrepreneur skill and talents development thru VRDT Academy

      3.    Crowd funding service by connecting with investors and institution Globally (T&C Applicable)

      4.    Entrepreneurship recognition

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