Mycliks Path is an online marketplace providing a unique platform for Rural / Handmade entrepreneurs globally.

We connect the people who share a shared passion and interest for the human touch uniqueness and creativity. We established the platform with a belief of bringing changes to the life of unique people. 


We firmly believe in the policy-driven process to stabilise the connectivity between our sellers and buyers hence it is crucial that our members follow our procedures and policies. The policies will give you an idea of what’s permitted and what is forbidden, in addition to our general business terms.

As a seller, you carry the responsibility to ensure your sales are processed according to our legal requirements.


Please note that reserves the right to remove any listings from our marketplace without prior notice should we feel that these listings are in breach of any law or Mycliks policy.

Furthermore, we may apply further sanctions, such as setting a limit on the number of products you may have or the deletion of products already online.

Multiple or excessive violations of our terms and conditions may lead to expulsion from our marketplace.

What we expect in Mycliks:


Unique products: is the marketplace for all things unique. Products should be creative and unique, whether this is regarding the materials utilised, the production method or the intended purpose.

The Mycliks product categories set a specific frame, but they are not meant to limit your creativity.

Anything is possible:

From jewellery to furniture, from pieces of art to music, from toys and fashion to cake and sweets.

What matters is that you offer unique products that you make, design or refurbish yourself, not mass produced or off-the-peg products. 

Manufactured products:

You may only offer products that are handmade, individualised, refurbished, restored, refined or custom-made in

Your designs:

You are welcome to offer products which you have designed but haven’t manufactured yourself. Please label your products appropriately and be prepared to provide proof if you are requested to do so by a member of our team.

Vintage items:

Only good quality products that are at least 20 years of age may be considered 'vintage'.

These items belong in the main vintage category, which includes fashion items, accessories, jewellery, bags, design pieces, furniture, art, antiques and, of course, collector’s items.

(Custom-made) the material of commercial origin:

In the “supplies” category you can list both handmade and manufactured products which are used as supplies for handcrafting.

Prohibited items at 

Anything that cannot be sold due to legal reasons is forbidden on

We also have some additional policies which regulate what items should not be sold on

Please note that the following list of prohibited items is not complete, and as a result, you are asked to ensure whether you’re permitted to offer such things for sale.

Furthermore, the legal requirements of another country may apply if you offer your products for sale globally.

Please note that mycliks reserves the right to remove any listings from our marketplace without prior notice should we feel that these listings are in breach of any law or mycliks' policy.

a) Legal prohibitions: 

stolen goods:

Objects that have been obtained illegally may not be offered for sale.

If any items you wish to offer are stolen goods, for example from burglary, you may not provide these items for sale even if you were not involved in stealing them.


Media/items harmful to young persons:

Although only persons aged 18+ are permitted to join Mycliks, it also has to be taken into consideration that we cannot prevent single users, who are not yet of legal age from registering on Mycliks.

If you offer an item meant for persons of full age only, you must make sure that only persons of full age (18+) receive it. Furthermore, you may not publish any content, whether pictures or descriptions, that may be harmful to young persons.

Illegal drugs:

The sale of illicit drugs is forbidden on Mycliks.

Please note that dealing with seeds from which you can grow plants/cacti/mushrooms with psychedelic, stimulating or sedating effects are also prohibited on Mycliks.

Dealing with ‘scented sachets’ that contain intoxicating mushrooms is also prohibited.

Selling drug paraphernalia, such as old Opium pipes, is permitted as long as there are no legal prohibitions and the item does not include instructions for drug abuse.


Propaganda items relating to prohibited political parties, clubs and unions, and things with a direct call for offences:

The law prohibits the publication and sale of propaganda material from banned organisations, including the use of trademarks or logos associated with these organisations, hate crime and the defamation of deceased persons.

The publication of collector’s items from the categories above is not permitted, alongside the sale of conflict and war memorabilia.


Dangerous chemicals/ prohibited electronic devices:

Dealing with toxic substances and hazardous chemicals are banned on Mycliks.

If you use specific regulated ingredients in the process of the production of your goods, please ensure you comply with the current legal situation regarding the use and sale of these ingredients.

Before selling electronic devices, you also need to check the items´ legitimacy.

The devices you wish to offer for sale need to have a CE-certificate.

Antique, non-functioning devices are the only exception to this rule.


Forgeries, imitations of branded/copyrighted products, the use of brand names and registered trademarks:

It is prohibited by law to offer or publish items that carry a brand´s name or logo for which you do not own the rights.

It is also prohibited to advertise an item as "similar" to a copyrighted thing.

Furthermore, it is not permitted to list items carrying a design that has been copied illegally.

Please note that this applies to perfume imitations.

Examples of the prohibited use of brand names in descriptions include:

"Chanel style handbag."

"Rolex style watch."

Equipment can be described as "suitable for..." or "compatible with..." if the given information is accurate and necessary.

The description, however, should not imply that the product on offer itself is an absolute brand if it is not.

Please seek legal advice if you are unsure of your offer´s legality.


Films, music and pictures as copies:

Selling copies of movies, music, photographs, sheet music and educational material, saved on rewritable discs, for instance, is prohibited.

Copyright law applies here.

Exceptions to this are authorised copies of photographs. In this case, your listing must contain information on your authorisation for (re-)sale.

The authorisation has to be proved if requested by Mycliks.


Items, clothes, ID cards or other items from a security-related background, such as uniforms, licenses and official IDs:

It is prohibited to offer items for sale on mycliks that run a significant risk of abuse, such as original or authentic uniforms, parts of uniforms, name tags, identity cards from the police, army, secret services, fire brigade, international security guards and airport personnel.

Antique uniforms and identity cards are an exception to this rule.


Stocks and other forms of financial investments:

Selling strong currencies is prohibited.

Stocks cannot be sold on Mycliks

Expired stocks, commodities from a closed company/business and invalid currencies are an exception and may be sold on Mycliks.


Pictures and other copyrighted data (unless the user has gained the legal right to use/sale):

Copyright laws apply, and you are advised to seek your legal advice.

You have to make sure that you have official permission to use/publish/sell the pictures, data or other content in question.


Child labour.

Any products stemming from child labour are prohibited from Mycliks under all circumstances.


Content that offends common decency:

The term "common decency" is challenging to define universally, and common sense should be applied here.

We pride ourselves on the fact that unique products and services are offered for sale on Mycliks, and we ask that our users honour these regulations.

If a specific product, service, or behaviour of a member does not match our core principles, we reserve the right to delete the offending item and the right to caution, block or even dismiss the person(s) concerned.

Please note that Mycliks does not tolerate racial abuse, or abuse against a person based on gender, sexuality or disability. This applies to our buyers, sellers and staff.

b) Other prohibitions:

- Dealing with weapons and ammunition of any kind is prohibited

- Selling with living creatures/animals is not permitted - this includes any products with elements stemming in part or whole from animals (ivory, bones, fur etc.)

- Any products which are made up of explosives or pyrotechnics, or can be used towards the production of explosives or pyrotechnics, are also forbidden!


Products that are only allowed under strict conditions:


Dealing with groceries and foods

Some laws apply to dealing with foods worldwide.

If you wish to offer food for sale on Mycliks, you need to be familiar with your local food labelling regulations, food additive regulation and any further regulations associated with the purchase of food. If you plan to sell food across international borders, you should be aware of the associated rules and seek legal advice where necessary.

Both the packaging and the item's listing should be labelled according to legal requirements.

The more detailed the information you provide, the less danger you have of legal issues.

If you are unsure what information should be provided, please seek professional legal advice as you are entirely responsible for your listings on Mycliks.


Dealing with textiles

Several laws apply to dealing with textiles.

Textile labelling regulations place the obligation on the seller of textiles to provide information on the materials used in the production of their products.


Dealing with toys

Several laws apply to dealing with toys.

Before a toy can be listed the seller must ensure that the toy meets the legal safety requirements.

It must be marked with a CE-tag and, if necessary, with detailed instructions, safety notes and precautions. (For example: "not suitable for children under the age of...")

Toys must be marked with a serial number or a similar tag.

Furthermore, the name of the producer must be quoted.




Selling as a reseller.


As a seller you do not necessarily have to be the producer of the item listed, you may be the redesigned or a reseller, for example.

If you are a reseller of unique products and not the original producer, please keep the following in mind:

You should include detailed information (first name, family name, address) of the person who produced the item and it should be stressed in your listing that you are merely the reseller.

You must possess written permission which documents the agreement that you will act as a reseller, and you must be able to produce this document upon request.

Only a short series of items or unique items are allowed.

The products offered must be at least partly hand- or custom-made.

However, this does not apply to those who resell vintage items or (handicraft-) supplies.

Handmade products from developing countries should not be offered if they are not of fair trade origin.





Find the right notes to describe your products:

Tags are used to label the keywords appropriate for your products. These tags help Mycliks buyers find your products with ease. Tickets should be evident in their relation to your products, and the misuse of tickets is a violation of the Mycliks policies.


How it should be done:

Let’s take a skirt as an example. The title, description or tags should feature phrases that match the product. In this case, you could use silk, summer, ruffles, stripes and maritime, for example.

This is how it should not be done: you wish to sell a skirt. The listing feature tags like "baptism candle" or "wall-tattoo".

If accurate indications are pointing towards offences against these rules, we reserve the right to delete or block your listings partly or entirely without prior notice.

Multiple or excessive violations will lead to dismissal from the Mycliks marketplace.


Describe your products in as much detail as possible:

Products made with love usually come with an affectionate, well written and detailed description accompanied by a couple of lovely pictures.

The texts and pictures you use to describe your products, and in comments and ratings, should not violate copyright laws, general law or trademark law.

Describe your product accurately and keep legal requirements in mind.


If you, for instance, sell toys containing small parts that could be a choking hazard for small children, you must label your products and listings.

As mentioned above, do not advertise using other brand names since this risks breaching copyright laws. If you are unsure, please seek legal advice.


Principles of using the forum

Besides browsing, buying, and selling on the Mycliks marketplace, Mycliks members also have the opportunity to exchange their thoughts on the Mycliks forums. The previous principles also apply to the forums in their entirety (so long as they find application).


Even if no information requirements apply to you, in the forum, you are also responsible for any content you produce to its full extent.


Please be aware that any concrete, individual questions, which are directed towards the Mycliks team, are usually not answered in the forums. Instead, we offer you private communication with our customer service team via email.


Most importantly when using the forums are these three points:

- Friendly and respectful behaviour

- Discretion with the handling of confidential information and dates

- Targeted and topical contributions


Additionally, the following types of contributions are not allowed:

- Posts with inappropriate content. This includes, for example, insults, provocations, conjecture, the spread of rumours or the publication of untruths, indecent exposure, and reprimanding other users.

- Advertising.


In general, there is no reason why any posts which do not go against the general principles or the forum rules should be deleted.


Talk to your trading partner:

Business on Mycliks runs smoothly, but sometimes things go wrong.

Sometimes, for example, a purchase isn’t complete, a customer decides to return an item, or the seller has to give a refund.

In these cases, we refund the seller’s "CHARGED COMMISSION" to enable the seller to offer the product another time without further financial loss.


Use links carefully:

External links offering sales outside of Mycliks are not permitted. You are more than welcome to link to your blog, or social media channels to advertise your Mycliks shop and you can do this in your product description or on the message board.

You may also provide links to sources of information that help describe elements/ingredients of your products in a non-commercial way, for example, a website that gives information on the process of cleansing silk.

Please make sure that the website does not contain any content encouraging an external sale.

You alone are responsible for checking whether the linked site meets the legal requirements. Mycliks cannot accept responsibility for the content of external websites.


Be discrete:

Do not publish any information that is not meant for third parties, or content that you do not have permission to post. It is prohibited to distribute the content of private emails and messages.


Principles on Sanctions and Measures

If there are concrete indications of violations against the Mycliks principles, we reserve the right to take/put into effect reasonable measures and sanctions, depending on the offence. This may mean the cancellation of the listing/offer/rating, and lead to the termination of the contract concluded with you, without notice. In the event of a suspected breach of these principles, we will always carry out a case-by-case investigation and select the appropriate approach by the information available to us. The corresponding measures can be taken without prior notice. However, cancellation of the usage relationship between Mycliks and its users is only possible in the case of, particularly severe or repeated infringements.


These policies are in place to protect you, your buyers and Mycliks, please keep them in mind but remember to enjoy your Mycliks experience at the same time. These rules are in place to ensure we maintain a happy community.

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