Frequently asked question

What does Mycliks do?

Mycliks is anecommerce platform that allows sellers to set up an online retail to sell your artistic handmade and handcraft goods and services. Mycliks serve you to organize your products& services, customize your accounts for buy & sell activity and penetrating global market.

How do I install Mycliks?

Mycliks is web based platform. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS). By serving Mycliks platform, you don’t have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers. For mobile & tablet usage, you may download our mobile app in both android google play and ios apple store.

What do I need in order to start selling?

All you need to do is register yourself as seller with simple step and upload your products for selling process. For further guidance, please refer the page Mytools& Education under “SellonMycliks“tab.

Which language and currencies are usable with Mycliks?

Mycliks works in almost every country with international English Language and three currencies which are MYR, GBP and USD. It is dependent on buyer/seller and payment gateway that clients’ use. 

Why do I need to become seller in Mycliks?

Mycliks were designed with various advantages and benefits for both buyer and sellers. As a seller you may upload your products and services with minimum listing fee without any other fee or hidden charges. For more information you may click;

How do fees work on Mycliks?

Joining and register a shop on Mycliks is free. There are two basic selling fees which is a listing fee and a payment processing fee subjected to payment gate provider (VISA/MASTER/PAYPALL).

It costs USD 0.15 to publish OR listing your product and services in our platform. There is no any specific timeframe for your listing expire/due unless the listing cancels by seller itself.If you list multiple quantities of the same item, the listing fee also apply the duplicate system according to your quantity.Listing fees are billed for $0.15 USD, so if your bank's currency is not USD, the amount may differ based on changes in the exchange rate (Depends on Banks).

How do Mycliks help sellers to boost their sales?

Mycliks believe ads should help sellers grow their businesses and contribute to the overall member experience. Mycliks offers sellers multiple advertising channels to promote their listings. By using Mycliksadd & marketing services, you agree that you will not post or provide content that is inappropriate, abusive, threatening, false or misleading content.

Do I need to register as a member?

It is not compulsory but we welcome every seller to be registered member of Mycliks. As a registered member of Mycliks, seller would be able to enjoy various types of benefits such as micro funding services, accounting and auditing services, network building, free advertising and more; and stated benefits subjected to qualifying members.

What is the prohibited item to sell in Mycliks?

1.  Dangerous Items: Weapon, Harmful Materials

2.  Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs

3.  Stolen goods

4.  Violent items

5.  Fake or imitation of branded goods

6.  Items produced through child labor

How secure the Mycliks platform for users?

Mycliks comply with legal requirements at all time when using/creating/run business thru Mycliks. And Mycliks also strongly comply with below law and requirements;

  1. criminal law
  2. data protection law
  3. third party copyrights, sign rights, patent rights, trademark rights
  4. moral rights or other third party rights
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